360 Video Stitching

Until 360 video cameras come with pre-stitched output, the only option for live 360 video stitching and streaming at present is to live stitch the output of individual camera heads in a 360 video camera.

There are few available options at present (only one) for roll-your-own 360 video stitching, but we’ll keep this page updated as we hear of new solutions. If you know of a solution not listed here, please let us know.

360 Video Stitching Software

Vahana VR

Vahana is the first commercially available live stitching solution on the market and comes from Videostitch – a well known maker of high-quality offline stitching software. Using a series of video capture cards, which you provide yourself, a PC, and Videostitch’s software, you can combine the outputs of a VR camera, and feed it to an RTMP stream for wider distribution.

360 Video Stitching Solutions

360 Designs

360 Designs are makers of the stunning EYE Professional VR Camera, and offer bespoke VR Production services including live 360 event streaming for brands, broadcasters and bands.

All 360 Media

All 360 Media similarly offer VR production services. No word on what equipment they use.


LiveSphere is a partnership between Kolor, makers of the popular Autopano Video offline stitching software (now owned by GoPro), and two Finnish companies. The company appears to offer turnkey solutions for live video streaming, and appears geared towards broadcasters.