Live 360 Video

Welcome to – a resource for live 360 video.

Excuse the spartan appearance – this will all improve soon.

Thanks to advancements with virtual reality headsets, 360 video cameras, and new 360 video streaming techniques, it will soon be possible to ‘teleport’ yourself using a VR headset, almost anywhere…

There has been plenty of discussion about games and virtual reality, but what is exciting for us is the opportunity to stream live 360 video to people’s headsets, allowing them to immerse themselves completely, somewhere else.

In the not very distant future, it will be possible to watch live concerts, festivals, events and sports, as if you’ve teleported into the stadium – and all with a smartphone based VR headset.

Personally we can’t wait to be able to watch the World Cup, or the Super Bowl, or Coachella, or Glastonbury, in live 360 video.

At the moment this site is a resource for the gear needed for live 360 video, with lists and reviews of 360 video cameras, 360 stitching software, and VR headsets. In the future we will offer a guide to upcoming live 360 video events, that are open to the public. Be sure to follow us so we can let you know when that service begins.

For the time being, most live 360 video streaming is experimental, for private demonstrations and brand promotions, but we believe this will change substantially in 2017, as VR headsets begin to hit mainstream…